Duck: Not Just for Holidays

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of turkey, which means come holiday time while everyone else is overcooking their Butterballs, I’m finding other ways to put a meat on the table. Usually, that involves one of my favorite meats: duck.  Over the years, we’ve made some pretty tasty holiday dinners, and always say we should cook it more often throughout the year, and almost never do. I’m not sure why; a duck breast costs just about as much as a decent steak, which we usually have once a week.

With the weekend here, I was looking to do something a little different, so I went over to our local butcher looking for some inspiration. While I bypassed the alligator steaks and ground camel they had for sale (someday!) — the duck looked great and affordable. So I grabbed some — and found this tasty recipe from Epicurious, most of which I already had in the house. I mean, duck, bacon, dates —  how can you go wrong?

Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s actually a pretty easy dish.  I took my time and did things separately, but you could easily get this on the table in an hour.

One tip for the duck breast, start them skin side down in a stone cold pan. The slow heating makes it less likely that you’ll burn the skin.


Beating the Heat with Citrus

Citrus flavors are often a great way to combat blazing temperatures outside. Given that it’s 90+ outside this citrus and pea linguini really hit the spot.

This is mostly following this recipe from epicurious with only two changes. I swapped out the orange for a blood orange, which has a bit of a stronger flavor… and its juice can make a tasty mimosa or screwdriver tomorrow.

Swapped linguini for penne, to better enable pictures like this.

Shockingly, the kid didn’t like the prosciutto….we might have to disown him.


Sometimes Friday calls for Lasanga

Business has been a little slow of late. Having some time on my hands, I realized that my son (2, going on 13) had never tasted lasagna.  This had to change, and rapidly.

So, I started with this recipe from Epicurious, but made a few key changes.

  1. I replaced half the ground beef with Italian sausage
  2. I added a can of San Marzano tomatoes
  3. I let the sauce cook for hours.

This was the result. And yes, a 2-year-old ate that entire piece.