Tuna Done Right

With kid #2 slated to arrive just about any day now, I’m making a conscious effort to run through all of the wife’s favorite dishes.  She’s yet to make me an official list, but if she ever did, I’m pretty sure this one would be near the top.  Tuna with a spicy mango avocado salsa.

Before the wife showed up in my life, tuna was something that came from a can, was buried in mayonnaise and make the house stink like hell for days. In short, something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. But, over our first few dates, she helped expand my horizons and eventually I came up with this.

In short, it is pretty easy.  One mango, one red onion, one diced jalapeno (or whatever heat producing pepper you want), one avocado, some salt, a dash of chipotle powder, line juice and a handful of cilantro.  Toss it all together –and then wait for the tuna.

As for the fish –  season it with some salt and pepper, and again a dash of chipotle powder, then get the grill stupidly hot (700+ degrees) — and seer it about 30 seconds a side.  Remember, its almost impossible to uncook tuna, and incredibly easy to overcook it. This one was actually slightly overcooked, but still very tasty.

Wash it down with a tasty pinot noir  …. or if you’re 9+ months pregnant a tall yet refreshing glass of water.

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