The Best Potato Salad

There’s something quintessentially American about the summer holiday BBQ, and nothing goes as well with the grilled meats and the outdoor heat as some cool potato salad.  Unfortunately, most of the stuff you can buy premade in the grocery store has the taste and consistency of wallpaper paste.

This blog is still in its nascent days, and I know I might lose most if not all of my followers by stating that the best potato salad you’ll ever have, has its roots in a Guy Fieri recipe. But stick with me here.  Truth be told, if you get passed the annoying persona, and don’t try to eat anything he might try to sell you at a restaurant with his name on it, that he’s almost certainly never seen, most of his recipes offer a good starting point for “American” food.

Keywords: starting point

So, you start here but it’s not where you finish

  1. I mix up the potatoes, using red and Yukon Gold
  2. Instead of grilling the potatoes — I roast them in the over (400 degrees for 70 min) with some butter, paprika, chipotle powder, as well as S&P
  3. In addition to the onion, I add in some finely diced jalapenos and poblanos (use whatever peppers you want though)
  4. In the sauce mixture, I’ll drop a chipotle pepper in there and blend it up.

And there you have it — Possibly the best potato salad you’ll ever have –and no donkey sauce anywhere in sight.

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