Milan meets the Ocean

Years ago, the wife and I honeymooned in Italy. To this day, there’s a small part of me that’s surprised we ever left (jobs and having a source of income are funny like that) – but about two years ago, we went back, and took the then 11-month-old munchkin to Lake Como and Milan. Milanese cuisine is often hit or miss  The farther north you go in Italy, the more the cuisine starts to resemble French and German, neither of which are bad, just neither of which are the Italian that I love.

However, the one thing the Milanese do better than just about anyone is risotto.  As i’ve mentioned before, risotto itself is generally quite easy to make, as you can count the ingredients you need on one hand.  This NYTimes recipe is a good place to start, although as I almost always pair risotto with scallops, I tend to use seafood stock for the broth rather than other options (in this case I used some leftover shrimp stock I had in the fridge.

The little guy ended up eating his weight in risotto. Damn if saffron doesn’t cost several hundred dollars a pound….

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