Carbonara – Proof that God Exisits

I’m honestly not sure if I had ever had Spaghetti Carbonara until the wife and I took our honeymoon to Italy. Which basically means I lived the first 30 years of my life deprived.

You’d think with so few ingredients, it would be a pretty idiot proof dish. You’d think wrong.  The number of times I served what basically turned out to be spaghetti and scrambled eggs was appalling.  Then I found this New York Times recipe and everything made sense.  I usually double the pancetta in the dish (because, which of life’s problems cannot be solved with more bacon?) and add one extra egg yolk to the mixture, although “1 egg” can always be a bit of an inaccurate thing listed on a recipe, given that they don’t come in uniform sizes.  While generally sacrilegious, I often had some parsley or basil at the end just for color.

Key to success here is having the eggs and pancetta at mostly room temperature. Even let the pasta cool a little too. The only heat to cook the eggs should come from the lukewarm pan, the residual heat from the pasta, and the pasta water.

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