Macaroni and Broccoli 

I’m told my great-grandmother was a hell of a cook.  She passed when I was rather young, and by the time I got to know her (or at least my earliest memories of her), she wasn’t cooking very much. This dish was one of her staples, but since she never taught me how she made it, I’m told my version of it is entirely different from hers. It’s also likely considerably less healthy —

That said, it’s pretty straightforward — Take a fair amount of olive oil, sautee as much garlic as you want for 30 seconds, then drop in the broccoli to fry for about 8-10 minutes until its soft. (I’m told my great-grandmother boiled the broccoli)

Season liberally as you go with dried basil, oregano and parsley, as well as a little salt to taste, and then serve it over any pasta you choose (I usually go with penne).  Add a little more olive oil for the “sauce” — (the pasta should be slippery) — and top it off with some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, the undisputed king of cheeses.

An old world classic, start to finish in 30 minutes of less.


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