Christmas Eve Appitizers

We started these and paired the course with some prosecco.

Oven Fried Shrimp

One of my oldest memories from Christmas Eve at my Aunt’s– was the fried shrimp.  She would buy enormous piles of frozen, pre-breaded shrimp, and then place them out for all of us to gorge on.  I’d have dozens.

However, frozen seafood is a mortal sin, so I’ve found this recipe from Williams and Sonoma that packs a ton of flavor, and cuts down on the oil. Some of the courses for the feast change each year, this one is a staple

#1 Oven-Fried Shrimp

Lobster Arancini

A new addition to the feast for 2017 from Homemade Italian Cooking, and one that has the potential to have some staying power. I made the risotto the night before, and then rolled and fried the arancini in the early afternoon (my first attempt at ever deep frying something). They turned out great, with the added bonus of being pretty affordable. The cost of buying fresh seafood can add up pretty quickly, but relatively speaking, lobster is pretty damn affordable these days. I was able to make them all for about 20 dollars.

#2 Lobster Arancini

Calamari Soup 

Here’s another recipe steeped in family tradition, that’s been a staple of our Christmas Eve for generations. I found a riff on my Aunt Jean’s recipe. Although it should be noted I have no biological relationship to Jean (remember, Italians can pick their family). This one happens to be one of my dad’s favorites.

#3 Calamari Soup


Smoked Salmon Crostini  

This one’s quick and easy — and one of those things that can stay around all night as people come and go. Thanks to Tori Avey for the recipe 

#4 Smoked Salmon Crostini  


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